The self-driving classroom for colleges

Automating test generation and providing insights on individual student performance.

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The student platform helps evaluate strenghts and weaknesses of individual students.


Engages students with course material through gamifying assignments and assessments.

Growth & Progress

Helps students strengthen subjects they are weak in and make better progress in the course.

Student Metrics

The instructor platform provides data on student performance that helps instructors gain insight.


Helps university instructors and faculty automate the process of creating assignments.

Test Creation

Contendify data can be used to generate tests that are catered to individual students.

Test Contendify's Beta Student Platform

The student use case of Contendify involves doing interactive assessments with your peers. This part of the platform is designed to engage students with the content from their courses. Future features of this use case will involve an integration with the instructor platform where the gaming environment provides helpful insights about student performance and aids in test creation.

To try this demo, make sure to send the game code to 2 of your friends or try by yourself in 3 separate windows.

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